Shaila Nair In Action

Shaila Nair who is one of the most promising local artist from Malaysia had recently been the center of an MMS scandal. I’m not sure how true the MMS is which was supposed to be her having sex with an unknown guy. Whatever the fact is, she is still a good talent.

Lets change the point of view for a second and enjoy this video clip of her performing a song titled “Mummy Chellama” with another local artist Nandha. She is surely a talented singer and dancer. No one can deny that.

I wish more Malaysian artist will be born with equal talent as this artists featured in the video. All the best.

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  1. ph4tmunky said

    she’s hot!!

  2. romeo said

    hmm not bad..

  3. Ninjatrt said

    The Scandal true or not… she only know and the man did…Anyway she got talent…

  4. rishuuu said

    i dint expet this from you…

  5. ramesh said

    Sorry guys, i didn’t notice that stupid metacafe deleted the video for no reason. I have reuploaded the video on another host, so enjoy the clip. 🙂

    Do notify me if the video is not accessable.

  6. Ananth said

    Bro hopefully Abang Raj dun see this clip or he won’t sleep for days :p hehehehe

  7. SriKlang said

    What she did was completely private. The person who took the video (he is most likely the male partners’ pal) should be severely punished for intruding Shaila Nair’s privacy.

  8. suresh said

    i want to be hot video

  9. sivaji said

    is she dead?

  10. lortalgeeffirtybet said

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  11. Samypundek said

    Samy and his family are dirt bags, as shown in this video by the beloved daughter in law. These shitheads have no shame. They have no regrets. And they live a delusional life. But their time’s up. They’re gliding down to the sewer very soon. Adios scumbags.

  12. Sven said

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